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MELASTA Batteries are an efficient and more suitable solution for gardening tools. These batteries are Eco- friendly with less noise and air pollution. Melasta is the Best Choice for high energy efficiency, energy density, and longer battery life.

 Advantages of Li ion battery over Mechanical Engine for gardening

1.Zero-emission of toxic gases
Gardening tools with mechanical engines emit numerous poisonous gases into the air, which cause air pollution. Electrical gardening tools using Li-ion batteries do not create any air pollution and are very safe for the environment.

2.No Air Pollution
Due to the high power, mechanical engine gardening tools generate very high pitch sound, which causes damage to the listening ability. Gardening tools operators always wear earplugs, but nei***ors still suffer and complain. In contrast, Gardening Tools equipped with Li-ion batteries only produce a minimal amount of sound. 

3.Almost Zero Maintenance cost
Mechanical engines require regular maintenance like oil change, engine’s filter and parts change, and a lot of the other maintenances from time to time, which cost a lot of time and money. The gardening tools equipped with the latest MELASTA batteries do not need any maintenance regularly; it’s a worry-free solution.

Advantages of Li-ion battery over lead-acid battery

Let’s compare the Li-ion batteries with Lead-acid batteries and see which one is the best choice.

1.Smaller Volume and weight
The productivity of gardening tools depends on its weight; if then batteries are heavy, then you will waste more energy to carry that weight. Lead-acid batteries are five times heavier than Li-ion batteries. Melasta Li-ion batteries are the best choice in the weight category.

2.Energy Efficiency
We will compare both batteries according to voltage drop and capacity use. Lead-acid batteries have a very high voltage drop; they only can use 60-80% of its capacity. Li-ion batteries are very stable with very low discharging voltage and have a very high usage capacity of up to 97%.  So MELASTA Li-ion batteries again win against lead-acid battery in this comparison.

3.Battery Life Cycle
Li-ion battery lifetime much more extended than Lead-acid battery. Li-ion battery life is almost double than lead-acid battery without any maintenance.

4.Fast charging
Li-ion batteries are much fast in charging technology as compared to Lead-acid. The lead-acid battery takes 10-15 hours to charge fully to its capacity, and Li-ion battery only takes 3 hours to charge for gardening tools.

Vacuum Cleaner Battery Solutions

Melasta Li-ion batteries ensure the more stable and powerful suction for a vacuum cleaner, that’s why it’s the best and number one choice for vacuum cleaner companies

1.More Power with compact size

Melasta Li-ion batteries are smaller and smart, which helps to make vacuum cleaner smaller but powerful as compared to other kinds of batteries. Melasta Roomba series has many models according to the requirements of different vacuum cleaner companies.

2.Zero Maintenance cost with longer battery life

Melasta Batteries make vacuum cleaner maintenance-free with longer battery life. Li-ion batteries seem to be expensive with respect to price, but it will last for at least five years without any maintenance; this quality makes these batteries more suitable for vacuum cleaners.

3.Stable discharging during operations

Melasta Batteries provide stable discharging and constant power to vacuum cleaners during operations.  Li-ion batteries do not drop the voltage suddenly during the operation.

4.Eco-friendly solution

Li-ion batteries are eco-friendly solutions because they do not contain any hazardous materials (e.g., Pb, Cd, Hg), which are restricted by regulation authorities.