Factory Tour

Melasta Production Facilities 

Melasta has three production and manufacturing facilities focuses on different kind of cells and applications. Dongguan Melasta Electronics Co.,Ltd focuses on BMS and PCB design, housing desiging, molding, and Research and Development (R&D) for a complete integrated solution. Quanzhou Melasta New Enegy Co.,Ltd focuses on complete solution for Golf cart battery, Solar battery, Electric Bike battery and other customized energy storage solutions. 


Battery Cell Production Process

These are Melasta’s battery cell production lines process pictures. Melasta production processes are designed to minimized product failure risk and are ISO certified processes. Melasta deeply focuses on electrochemistry, organic chemistry, material chemistry, physical chemistry, and production machine designs. The technical team and consultants are dedicated to continuous innovation while successfully securing more than 30 international patents.

 Testing Laboratory and Semi-automated Assembling Line 

Melasta facilities are equipped with state of the art production machines and testing labs. All the assembling processes are semi-automated to avoid possible production errors and provide a customized solution.