Customized Power Solution

Melasta is a professional portable solution provider company. It has been part of many projects as their energy storage partner; it has complete the project from idea to finished goods. It designed the whole product according to the approved processes by international organizations.  Melasta has got Hi-Tech Award for the innovation in the battery industry. It has more than 50 research patents. These are the services that are being offered by Melasta to its customers for customized batteries.

Melasta Customized Services

Customized batteries are used for unique applications and special designs according to the requirements of the form. Energy storage projects, UPS projects, required customized battery packs. Melasta has an excellent experience to provide the customization service to our clients with 98% efficiency. Many things need to be considered while selecting the battery pack for a new project. The most important part is the compatibility of the battery pack with the application system. Melasta has two dedicated R&D teams for customization projects.

1.Battery Case 3D Design

2. Cell Selection

3. Battery Case Mold design

4. Standard BMS design for

5. Specific BMS design which includes CANBUS, UART, and SMBUS protocol

6. Approved assembling process to make sure the best quality