Winter Tips for E Bike Battery

Keeping the health and wellness of your e bike battery is among the most convenient methods to make sure that you can appreciate your everyday ride for several years. We have actually shared a lot of daily tips for prolonging the life expectancy of your battery, yet when the seasons‘ modifications and the temperature levels decline, it is important to ensure you are revealing it the correct amount of care.

If you are just one of the lots of riders around intending on making the most of our e bikes‘ year-round abilities, here are a couple of quick things you need to bear in mind as we drive our way right into the chillier months:

Prepare Your E Bike Battery for Long-Term Storage

If you are putting your battery e bike away for more than 2 weeks, maintain it at about 75 % charged and also look at it each month to make certain it is remaining at that level. Maintaining it totally charged while it is in storage can result in range loss. A day or more is not a reason for concern, but eventually, it will start to build up.

Take Your E Bike Battery Inside

We always recommend storing your bike in a completely dry area over freezing temperature levels, however, if that is not feasible, then take your battery e bike inside. Charge and store the e bike battery indoors as well as in between 50 ° F - 77 ° F/ 10 ° C - 25 ° C. Failing to do so might nullify your warranty, make your battery non-functional, or create a dangerous situation.

Keep the E Bike Battery Away from Cold

There is absolutely nothing more invigorating than a vigorous morning ride, particularly when you have a fat tire bike that can aid you to overcome ice and also snow. Nevertheless, when the temperature level goes below sub-zero, it is a good suggestion to avoid the saddle. In order to maintain your e bike battery running like normal, prevent riding your bike in temperature levels less than -4 ° F/ -20 ° C.

And finally, Do Not Drench Your Battery

This should go without stating; however, you need to never submerse or immerse either your battery e bike or your e bike in water or other fluids. After riding your e bike in damp settings, check your e bike to make certain all parts are clear of moisture, dust, and also particles.