The Advantages of High Voltage Lithium Battery

With the enhancement of electrical gadgets and devices, the market has actually required higher needs for the Lithium Battery, such as smaller dimensions, longer discharge times, bigger capacity, and so on. Based on these requirements, high voltage lithium batteries are ending up being quite popular. High voltage lithium batteries are LiPo (lithium polymer batteries) having a nominal voltage of more than 3.7 V. The use of this battery is stores more power than common batteries. The quick charge rate gives high outputs. The most common applications are for UAVs, Electonic devices, and boats. 


Talking about the discharge rate, high voltage lithium battery has a greater discharge rate as well as must theoretically be preferable for usage in tools that call for a huge power output within a brief time. High voltage lithium batteries are lighter than conventional batteries that have the very same capacity. Overall, the additional voltage decently boosts the performance of devices.

High voltage lithium battery likewise has a high energy density. These batteries can offer higher capacity under similar conditions of usage, so they show more battery life whilst supplying extra power. The energy thickness of a battery mirrors the storage capacity per unit weight of a battery.

gravimetric energy density (Wh/kg) = voltage (V) * battery capacity (Ah) / weight (kg).

Material of High Voltage Lithium Battery

The distinction between high voltage lithium battery and normal batteries is that the electrochemical window of the electrolyte is larger and the physicochemical properties of the +ve electrode material are a lot steadier than their equivalent. Today, there‘re pure cobalt and also pure ternary systems for the +ve electrode of high voltage Lithium Battery. The matching -ve electrode is a high capacity, high compressed silicon carbon or graphite. The energy density of a high-voltage 4.35 V system battery can go up to 660 Wh / L, whilst the high voltage 4.4 V can get to 740 Wh / L.

Final Thoughts about Lithium Battery

Hence, it can be observed that enhancing the energy density of lithium battery. it can primarily be done by enhancing the number of -ve and +ve active materials. Enhancing the specific capability of the material, enhancing the operating voltage, and lowering the battery‘s weight.

As the modern technology behind high voltage lithium batteries has grown with time so has their safety ranking. We highly think that high voltage lithium batteries will become increasingly more popular in the future.