E-Bike&Scooter Battery

Melasta is a known brand for e bike batteries around the world. We offer a great number products and services for E Bike Battery to our customers with unique technological advantages.

1.Integrated BMS Design with software edition 

2. 3D Housing Design and Molding

3. Brand cell (Panasonic, LG, Samsung, BAK) selection

4. Wide range temperature battery

5. More Than 100 standard available battery case

6. Batteries are Compatible with Bosch, Yamaha, Bose, and Panasonic motor drive systems

7. High Energy Density cells, up to 210Wh/kg

E-bike Battery Power System 

Battery management system ( BMS), battery cells, charger and housing, are the main component of the e-bike battery system. Each component has its technological features. These individual component has been developed and makes compatible with each other to provide the best product to the customers. This results in the maximum efficiency with perfect riding experience for e-bike user.

Battery Management System (BMS)

E-bike BMS is an electronic regulator that monitors and controls the charging and discharging of rechargeable batteries. It monitors the battery state such as voltages and currents, Protects the battery from being over-charged or over-discharged. Standard BMS are simply designed to work with any e-bikes system. Few E-bike companies are using different communication protocols, such as CANBUS, UART, and SMBUS, to connect the battery with multiple devices. Melasta uses all kind of BMS according to the customer requirement.

Battery Cells

The battery cell is an integral part of the battery pack. Melasta provides a unique experience to the customers that they can modify their batteries according to their requirements, and these batteries will be compatible to the drive systems. It uses different chemistries for different kind of battery packs. Most commonly used chemistries for E-bike battery packs are LiCoO2, LiFePO4, and NMC. Melasta is an authorized dealer of brand cells, such as Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony, and uses Brand cells as well to make the e-bike battery packs.

Charger Design

Compatibility of the charger along with battery pack is very important for the long life and good performance of the battery pack. Melasta has a dedicated Research and Development(R&D) teams that focus on innovation and quality products for our customers. It provides the best quality charger design service for full compatibility and fast charging.

Battery Housing Design

Hosing makes the compatible physical shape of the battery pack with the e-bike drive unit. It is the final shape of the battery pack. Melasta uses the standard housing for replacement batteries and provides the customized as well according to the customer demands. It uses materials according to the international standards for safety and environment protection. It also provides 3D housing design service to check the housing case compatibility with an e-bike.

Customized Design Battery

Melasta has two R&D centers, which are fully invested in designing the customized products according to the requirements. We take the product from an idea and build up to the finished product with our expertise and approved process designs. We provide full support to all kind of customized battery solutions for E-bike, other Electrical Vehicles, and multiple industry solutions.

Melasta Advantages for E bike battery

Research and Innovation culture

1. Hi-Tech Company

2. Research Labs

3. 50+ Research Patents

4. Customized Solution Service

5. Educational Research Partner with Formula Racing Teams

One Stop Shop for E Bike Battery Solutions

1. Replacement batteries for Brand E Bikes: Yamaha, Bosch, Brose

2.  More than 100 Standard E Bike battery designs

3. BMS design service with CANBUS, UART, and SMBUS protocol

4. 3D Housing design and Molding

5. Battery performance testing

Production Capacity

1. 11+Years of battery production experience

2. Five (5) semi-automated Assembling line

3. In house testing lab and anti-high temperature aging process

4. Automatic welding equipments

Professional E-Mobility Battery Solutions supplier

1. Three wheeler Batteries

2. Wheelchair Battery

3. E Bus Battery

4. Formula Student Racing Car Batteries

 Military grade Battery cells

1. Use of well-known brand cells Panasonic, LG, Sanyo, BAK and Lishen

2. High Energy Density cells, up to 210Wh/kg

3. Long cycle life cells more than 1000 times (@80% DOD)

4. Green Energy, Environmental protection and pollution-free

After Sales Service

1. Multi-Cultural Team

2. One-year product warranty

3. One to one support

4. Quick Response within 24 hours

These are the performance graphs for the Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery  3.7V, 2600mAh MB18650 under these conditions. These cells are used for E bike batteries as well. 

01.Different Temperature Discharge Curve

Charge: CC-CV 0.5C(max) 4.2V, 520mAh cut-off at 25℃
Discharge: CC 1.0C, 3.0V, cut-off at 25℃

02.Different Rate Charge Curve:

Charge: CC-CV 0.5C(max) 4.2V, Cut-off at 25℃

03.Different Rate Discharge Curve:

Charge: CC-CV 0.5C, 4.2V 0.03C, Cut-off at 25℃
Discharge: CC-CV, 2.75V Cut-off at 25℃

04.Cycle Life Curve

Charge: CC-CV 0.5C(max) 4.2V, cut-off at 25℃
Discharge: CC 1C, 2.75V, cut-off at 25℃

Cell Selection for E-bike Battery

Melasta is an authorized dealer for Panasonic, Sony and Samsung cells in China. It uses brand cells and Melasta own cells for the assembling of e-bike battery according to the customer requirements. Melasta also provides a wide range of chemistries for its own produced cells. It uses Sony, LG and Sanyo cells as well for the production of battery packs. Brand cells are available in a wide range of capacities, discharge current rates, cell dimensions and chemistries to ensure the maximum efficiency of the e-bike battery pack.









Capacity Range








Discharge Current Rate








Cell Dimensions















LiFePO4 ( Safest Chemistry)