You Should Know These Things When You Are Buying an ATV Battery

Before you take that glossy new ATV out for a ride, make sure you have actually equipped it with the best possible power supply: a lithium-ion battery.If you think the battery that you set in your ATV does not matter, then reconsider. Phosphorous-based lithium-ion batteries (LiFePO4 batteries) last longer and are safer than conventional, lead-acid batteries, making them a wise, affordable choice.

Here are 5 ATV battery things you should know about before you hit the pedal:

1) A Lithium Battery Is Much Safer

A LiFePO4 ATV battery is simply the best option readily available. It is non-explosive and fires retardant. Although short circuits and overcharges are not common, in case they do occur, you need a battery with stable and safe chemistry.

2) A Lithium Battery Will Last Longer

A lithium-ion ATV battery has a greater asking price than a lead-acid battery, however, its life span is up to 10X as long, on average, denoting a far much better financial investment (and, in almost all cases, more economical lifetime price). Additionally, a LiFePO4 battery needs no maintenance, so you do not have to fret about upkeep.

3) A Lithium Battery Will Charge Faster

The maximum number of LiFePO4 batteries can charge to full capacity in just a matter of hours, over a session. That implies you will never have to wait to get back in the chauffeur‘s seat. A lead-acid battery, on the other hand, needs several charging sessions to reach full capacity. It‘s also worth seeing that lead-acid batteries can just discharge to 80 % of full capacity without experiencing structural damage, indicating that you will invest less time in driving and more time in charging. Lithium-ion batteries are able to deep cycle, enabling them to approach depletion with no performance loss.

4) A Lithium Battery Is Good for the Environment

A LiFePO4 ATV battery is not toxic and consists of no rare metals. At the end of the battery‘s life, it is easy to recycle and presents less ecological contamination danger. Additionally, since the battery‘s life span is so powerful, far fewer units are poorly disposed of each year.

5) A Lithium Battery Is Efficient

Lithium-ion batteries have less weight and a smaller size than lead-acid batteries. If you are the one who likes ATVs quick, light, and efficient in getting serious air, consider installing the most light-weight battery possible.

If you‘re considering picking up a customized battery for your ATV, ensure you work with a reliable consultant. Your ATV‘s make, year, and model all play a crucial role in picking the ideal battery for your requirements. Look for a provider with more experience and who shows the service commitment you require to take your dollar even further.