Five (5) Things to Ask Your Lithium Battery Service Provider

If you‘re in the marketplace for a brand-new battery, you have probably researched some reasons lithium is a better bargain than lead-acid. Similarly, essential as the battery itself is the company that services you. The Lithium Battery Service Provider you pick makes or breaks your energy experience. That is because a strong supplier does not simply move products. It takes time and devotes the resources essential to make a smart product recommendation and provides service to you long after the initial contact.

Ask these five questions and get the insight you require when you‘re looking at various lithium battery providers and are not sure how to find a partner.

1) Do You Often Service My Area?

First, make sure that the provider often services your region and makes speedy service calls and shipments. While lithium batteries are really safe and need little or no upkeep, in the case that you require on-site support, the supplier must be able to show up within a practical timeframe. This is particularly important if application downtime is a severe restriction (consider electric vehicle). Preferably, your battery service provider needs to service your region at least as soon as a week, suggesting you will not have to wait for more than some days to get up and running again.

2) What Is the Warranty Policy?

As a business or individual, you probably have certain battery usage and lifespan requirements. An excellent provider offers an extensive warranty program that must cover you in the majority of scenarios. However, do not think twice to ask difficult questions and check out the fine print. Some warranties seem to be comprehensive however don‘t last, or sustain and really offer anything. Look for a six-year warranty minimum, with more time provided under specific usage conditions.

3) What Is Your Product Availability Like?

In an emergency situation, you may wish to pick up a battery directly at the Lithium Battery Service Provider‘s warehouse. Appropriately, ensure your supplier stocks your battery close by in case you require to make a fast replacement. If your supplier is developing and providing a customized battery solution, find out which main parts are stocked in your region.

4) Is This Solution A Financial Investment?

Lithium batteries are more expensive than lead-acid ones. Nevertheless, given that they have a longer lifespan, lower maintenance cost, high safety profile, and (for many applications) improved performance, they normally represent a rewarding investment.

Your supplier needs to be able to recommend you on how to get the most out of your lithium battery and enhance its lifespan, considering the knowledge of your application, specific use, and the battery itself. This is a red flag if your supplier gives you a battery without extensive consideration for how it assists you to accomplish your objectives.

5) What Is Your Lithium Battery Service Provider‘s Approach?

An excellent Lithium Battery Service Provider delivers your battery always on time and at the right price. As you talk to service providers, decide who makes lasting service a leading priority by asking for reviews and recommendations appropriate to your application requirements.

It‘s most likely not the match you are looking for if a battery company is courting you and cannot plainly address any of the above questions. A skilled, knowledgeable provider has the ability to address every concern plainly, in detail, and show real-world examples. Remember, your brand-new Lithium Battery Service Provider is simply more than just a seller. It‘s your partner.