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Lithium polymer battery

While commanding a slight price premium compared to Lithium Ion, Lithium-polymer batteries (Li-Polymer) offer several advantages. It has a greater energy density in terms of weight than Lithium Ion. In very thin cells (under 5mm) Lithium-polymer also provides higher volumetric energy density. Additionally, there is more flexibility in cell sizes and shape with Li polymer and a wider margin of safety, with superior stability in over-voltage and high temperature conditions.
To date, most Lithium-polymer applications are for widely used consumer items like cell phones, MP3 players and many Bluetooth enabled devices where low weight and small size are essential. Like Li-ion, Lithium-polymer cells require protection circuitry.
Overall, rechargeable Lithium battery chemistries are the most rapidly evolving¡ªand their technology will continue to improve as the need for ever smaller, lighter and more powerful portable energy increases.
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